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“I prayed my wife into alignment.”

“Excuse me?” I didn’t quite get him. I thought he was single.

“The woman God had for me, was the most amazing woman of God, but when I saw her, I saw a lot of deficiencies in her. These were things that I needed in a helpmeet.

“I knew she’d love me with her life and serve me. God gave her a tremendous capacity to love and submit. It’s so deep that it’s almost a burden for her.”

“Wow, nice,” I said, adjusting uncomfortably on my seat. All these descriptions were eerily beginning to sound like someone I know.

Why was he telling me this by the way? I was even more pissed with my curiosity. I wanted to know about his love life. This spiricoco brother who didn’t seem to notice women. Miracles did happen.

He continued. “But she needed to align herself with the frequency of heaven so she could learn to decode vibrations in the spirit. She needed to learn how to make God her first love, not a man. I didn’t want to burden her with love for me when she was yet to make God the passion of her heart.”

“Hmmm,” I supplied. That wasn’t surprising. He’d obviously gone for one of the zealous sisters.

“So, I just watched her from a distance and prayed for her. Few months after I started praying, I began to pick vibrations of process coming from her end. You see, spiritual growth is a product of process, not a product of time.”

“Yes sir!” I said, nodding. Sometimes, I’d catch myself enjoying these conversations with him. He was a repository of spiritual insight and uncommon wisdom.

“The moment she began to go through that process of refining, I knew she was almost ready for me. Then God told me that I can now draw her close and finish off the work of grooming and teaching her.”

“Hallelujah,” I said, picking up my bible. If he was done, I wanted to go. I didn’t like spending too much time with brothers, especially not after dusk. “Thank God for you sir. I’ll love to meet this sister. I really need to go now.”

He jumped up, looking at his watch. “We’ve spent so much time already. Will you come for the night vigil tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure o,” I said. Especially if he’d be there please. I didn’t need this proximity with any brother right now. I wanted to focus on God.

He grinned widely, as if he’d read my mind. “Don’t worry. You won’t see me anywhere around you. Is that okay?”

Hah! How did he know what I was thinking? “I don’t know o. I didn’t say you couldn’t come around o. Just reduce the frequency. You know how sisters can be. Constant communication doesn’t really…”

He was smiling again. “I know. Can I drive you back to school at least?”

Oohoo! I just wanted him to go away. “No sir. I’ll find my way. Thank you.”

He stopped and closed his eyes. “Mary, please. Come. I’ll just drop you off and go my way.”

I was grumbling as I followed him to the car. He played gospel music on loud speaker, so we didn’t need to talk. Thank God. He dropped me at school, waved, then reversed and disappeared into the night.

God, what was wrong with the young man? Why wouldn’t he go away, ehn? Now that I desperately needed to apprehend God, all sorts of human distractions were surfacing. I just wanted to be left alone. Why couldn’t he understand that?

It was my season of completely focusing on God. I had such hunger for God that I literally burned with it. It took me a great deal of refining in the furnace to get to this point and here, this brother showed up from nowhere, turning me inside out.

Something about him seemed to grab my attention and I honestly didn’t want that at all. Next time he called, I fully intended to tell him to please and please, stop coming around me.

To be continued…

Spiritual growth is a product of process, not a product of time.

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