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I sat on the floor in my room and faced the wall. I’d declined my friends’ offer to go loosen up a bit, before we commenced with the main exam the following week.

There were weighty matters I needed to sort out. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to change my circle.

I remembered sharing a burden for the campus with them and they were less concerned. They asked if I’d finished running my mouth so they could continue with their gist.

Not only did I feel hurt, I immediately knew that whatever friendship we had, would not cross the gates of this university.

I would continue praying for them, but the place I currently was in God, required a change of circle. These ones would stifle my growth.

I plugged in my headset and began to pray in the spirit, while Victoria Orenze charged me up with her songs. I didn’t know how long I prayed before I slept off.

I saw myself standing before the gates labelled WM, with angels guarding them. As I approached the angels, I saw some spirit beings gathered together afar off, peering at me through bright eyes.

Demons, my spirit said. They weren’t allowed access into the gates. They hung around though, desperately hoping for the slightest opportunity to enter.

I approached one of the angels. He looked like a man. I tried to recall my first vision of them. I thought angels were supposed to have wings? He was quite huge though, with a kind voice and a ready smile.

He said his name was Chrioni. Strange name by the way. And that he’d known I’d come. He’d equally been authorised to answer any questions I might have for him.

I returned his smile, grateful for his warmth. It made everything easier. I asked him which gates these were. He said they were gates being guarded by the generals.


“Men who have advanced into territorial business. They’re the portals for the administration of heaven in these territories.” He smiled again.

He didn’t look serious for an angel. I didn’t remember what I’d read in the Bible about angels, but I definitely didn’t expect a kind, big guy who smiled a lot.

Maybe, some creature with huge wings, who looked mean, absolutely frightening and recited words like a robot? Words punctuated by thunder and earthquake perhaps. I wasn’t sure.

“Do I have gates?” I asked tentatively, hoping I didn’t. Because what were all these demons everywhere waiting to enter the gates, please? Thousands upon thousands of evil spirits.

To my utmost relief, he said I was only recently being launched into the ministry of intercession and hadn’t developed enough stamina to be sent on territorial businesses.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true, was it? I’d always prayed for the campus. I’d been praying for a long time now.

He seemed to have read my thoughts and responded that my hunger was for the building of my spirit man until I was ready to be launched into warfare.

God couldn’t simply expose a babe to the principalities without adequate preparation, so He was passing me through several processes of refinement in the furnace until I gained stature.

I pointed at some gates bereft of any guardian angels. The gates were wide open and spirits moved freely through them, carrying all sorts of baggage. I asked why.

He said that no believer in that territory was willing to yield himself for alignment. They’d chosen to remain babes, who did the normal church and fellowship activities, but without consecration and power to back it up.

Those places were filled with darkness and people whose minds were blinded by these spirits so that they’d continue in sin and on their journey towards eternal damnation.

The evil spirits had access to build strongholds in the minds of many people in these unguarded territories. The baggage I saw them carrying were their building materials being transported into people’s minds and hearts. And it would continue until God could find a man who was willing to yield his vessel, sanctified and ready for the Master’s use.

From one of the gates, I saw smoke rising to heaven like the incense from an altar. The gate was not wide open like the ones being accessed by evil spirits. It was tightly shut, but no angel was guarding it. I asked what that meant. He said that someone was calling the attention of heaven from that territory and the person was still being passed through the furnace of process.

When the process was completed, a son would then be present in that territory, to whom God can entrust His power and some angels to guard these gates. Then, revival would break out. There would be a massive move of God in that territory.

The shutting of the gates, was the first step towards revival. It was the point where people would usually get tired, thinking that nothing was happening, but their prayers had already shut the gates against further demonic influence.

If the person being used gave up at that point and refused to return to his duty post, God would immediately start searching for another person to use in that territory.

People who walked out of God’s will for them, who did not persevere, would be replaced. Otherwise, there would be a retrogression, since there was no voice to keep the gates shut.

Demons would then force the gates open again and unleash greater mayhem, because they’d summon other demons to help them force the gates open.

That was why scriptures said that a spirit expelled would return with other demons more wicked than him. These spirits equally did that so it’d be more difficult to send them away again.

I shuddered and quickly changed the topic.

“The labels on these gates, what are they?”

“William and Mary.”


William? Mary? As in, William and I?

“You’re being raised by one of the generals, into a mighty woman. It’s the incense of your consecration that rises to Yaweh from that gate without guards. The principalities are frightened and will throw a lot of temptations your way. Do not fail.”

I jumped. My heart hammered furiously, threatening to escape my rib cage. Jesus. Me? Why? How? All these small small prayers I used to do, were actually rising like an incense to the throne of grace?

And I had even begun to wear out, seeing that nothing was physically happening in the campus despite my intercession. So, that was how I would have given up? And gotten replaced? God forbid!

“So, why is my name on these gates with William’s?”

“He brought you under his radar in the spirit and nothing happens to you without his knowledge. The labels foretell what is to come. They signify a oneness in the spirit which would eventually translate into a oneness in the flesh. Everything that happens in the earth realm, has its roots in the spirit.”

“So, what if I refuse to pair with him? Or that I didn’t respond to God’s beckoning into the secret place? What if I had chosen to ignore the call of God?”

“Well then, you wouldn’t even be here in the first place. You would have been replaced. In the spirit, there’s a replacement system when one refuses to yield to the will of God. He never forces anyone, He simply replaces the person.”

Hah! I was shaken. So, that was how I would not only have missed my calling, but also my husband? I would have been replaced. I started praying for myself; that I would fulfill my assignment, that I would hearken to the voice of God at every point and I would never be replaced!

“Roomie,” someone called. “Roomie.”

My eyes snapped open.

“Why are you sleeping on the floor?” My roommate, Ada, was peering into my face like I’d finally gone bonkers.

“I slept off while praying.” I smiled, got up and relocated to the bed. “Thank you dear.”

I took out my prayer journal and started recording everything I received. Somewhere in my spirit, I knew that the devil was still waiting for me to fail.

And I would not fail! My mind returned to the feeling I had during my prayer walk with William. Now, it was finally making sense. The enemy was orchestrating strategies on how to bring us down and in no time, he would strike.

I began to pray in the spirit again, rebuking the fear that gripped me.

To be continued…

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