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“How come nobody knows you’re this gifted? “I thought out loud.

William had taken me for a prayer walk along the quiet streets of GRA. He had asked to show me something and I was too curious to decline the offer.

He took his time to answer. “Well… My gifts are for intercession, you see. I see visions and receive word of knowledge, so that I can intercede for individuals, families, ministers, nations.

“Nobody on earth has to know, but in Zion, when matters arise, men of stature are summoned to legislate the affairs of nations and continents. They’re the ones who run territories behind closed doors, on bended knees.”

Clad in a black T-shirt on jean trousers, a sheen of perspiration glistened off his chocolate-coloured skin. He took out a handkerchief to swipe across his face. We crossed the deserted road and slipped under the shade of a row of trees lining the other side. The sun was giving off its final rays, while it gradually sunk behind an orange cloud.

That was interesting. “Wow. And one would think that only the ones on the pulpits are the anointed ones,” I said.

“You see, we are all called to different dispensations of the same ministry of reconciliation. We need the brethren in the five fold ministry, for the equipping of the body. They’re the ones God has chosen to use directly, as the bridge between Himself and the body.

“Then there are those of us who give ourselves continually to prayer to keep the fire burning on the altars of the ministers and churches committed to us. I teach sometimes, usually in a small group, when the need arises. I give prophesies too, mostly one on one, or to the pastor for the church. However, my major ministry is prophetic intercession.”

“Wow.” And to think that sisters would normally flock towards celebrity brothers, without knowing there were hidden diamonds like him. “Just like Epaphras,” I muttered. Silent warriors.

“Exactly.” He slanted me an impressed glance. “In Colossians 4, Paul mentioned that Epaphras laboured in prayers that the church may stand complete and perfect in the will of God. He wasn’t one of the popular ones, but he was a giant like the rest of them and in zion, he is recognized as a mighty general. He is celebrated in the congregation of sons in heaven.”

I was beyond impressed. It’d take absolute death to self for anyone to be this gifted and remain steady at his post, even if it meant not being seen, heard or known. He was absolutely sold out to God and lived only for Him.

“When you took my hand as we prayed, my eyes opened. I saw gates being guarded by gigantic angels. When I approached the gates, the angels seemed to multiply in number. I saw labels of fire on the gates.”

Gradually, I’d begun to see visions more frequently. It was becoming normal. In fact, I was beginning to believe that was the normal Christian life and I’d only settled for less than I was called to experience in Christ. William saw to that change of mindset.

“What labels did you see?” he asked.


“Do you know what that means?”

“No sir.”

“Okay.” He fell silent.

I glanced up at him. His face was without expression. I wondered if something was amiss.

“Well, what does it mean?”

He hesitated for a moment, as if struggling to decide whether to answer or not.

“Ehn?” I prompted.

He looked at me for a while. He was only a foot taller than I, so it was easy to get caught in his gaze. He wouldn’t win the award of the most handsome man, but he was attractive. And in my book, he was beautiful. Toh! Where was that thought coming from abeg? I immediately dislodged the thought.

Something shifted in his eyes and he looked away. “I’m sorry. I suddenly can’t breathe properly.” He laughed and inhaled deeply.

“It’s okay if you can’t tell me.”

If it was some divine secret, then it was fine. Why couldn’t he breathe properly though? I firmly ignored the feeling that this had something to do with me. If it did, I definitely wasn’t interested.

He didn’t respond.

“What spiritual exercise are you currently working on?” he asked.

“Trusting God with a quiet confidence. It spanned across the period of my exams and will continue for a while. He said I work hard and give my studies my best, however I still do not trust Him to fulfill His own part of the bargain. It’s time I learnt to give Him control. Learning to trust, will eventually extend to every other aspect of my life.”

“That’s awesome. Can I ask you for a favour?”

“Sure.” I was surprised at how I was ready to do about anything for him. I frowned at that. It didn’t look good.

“When you go back tonight, pray in tongues until you see the gates again. Then ask one of the angels what the labels mean. Can you do that?”

I was excited. “I can see the gates again?”

“Yes ma.” A faint smile played on his lips.

“Wow, I’d love to.” And I had plenty of questions to ask angels by the way. My face lit up with anticipation.

He increased the volume of the music player he came with and Theophilus Sunday saturated the atmosphere with incense. “Holy fire burn upon my altar. From within me, Spirit you take over. Holy fire burn upon my altar.”

We’d do another round of intercession and then go our separate ways. I didn’t want the prayers to end. Or maybe I just didn’t want him to go yet. I wasn’t sure.

That line of thought was drowned as I sank into depths in the spirit. My last thought was something along the lines of how I wanted to pray with him forever and how I didn’t like that I was thinking that way.

Each time the thought came, it was accompanied by a certain uneasiness that I couldn’t put a finger on. The summary of the feeling was that hell was about to unleash its fury on me? Or William? I wasn’t sure. It was scary and I didn’t intend to dwell on it.

To be continued…

Trust God with a quiet confidence. Let not your heart be troubled.

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