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I saw a congregation of…angels?

I think I’d use the term ‘celestial beings.’ They were chanting such melodious music. The sound was filled with pure reverence and deep worship.

My spirit began to download information from some source.

This was zion, the congregation of angels and saints in heaven. Woah!

A light brighter than any I’d ever seen radiated from the centre of the throne room. It lit up everywhere, like the sun would light up the earth. Except that this light produced no heat. It had a loving warmth that was alive. It seemed to tickle you, fill your sense, penetrate your pores and pierce your marrow.

“I love you, Mary,” I heard in my spirit. The voice was heavy with affection and sounded like that of a little boy. A little boy who seemed to dote on me and could do anything for me. I knew He was speaking to me! I thought He was said to have the voice of thunder? I heard a peal of delighted laughter. He’d heard my thoughts.

I melted. Tears filled my eyes as I drank the flowing presence. I wanted to cry and laugh. No feeling could compare to what I felt. “I love you too,” my spirit responded. Tears poured freely now. “I’m overwhelmed by you.”

Another peal of joyful laughter followed my proclamations of love. He loved what I said to Him. He seemed to be watching me and liking what He saw, as if my very existence gave Him unimaginable joy.

I fell flat on my face, letting sensations wash over me. I cried. What had I done to deserve this manner of love? I felt Him dancing around me, rejoicing over me.

Over what exactly, I couldn’t tell. I’d never done anything particularly impressive to earn this. I was just… Mary. Regular girl from a humble home, who had done nothing particularly important to make the creator of heaven and earth to be so enamoured of me. I didn’t even deserve to be here.

“I love you, Mary. I always have.
Always will.” The voice was filled with such tenderness. My tears poured without restraint. Warmth filled my heart. He rejoiced over me with singing. I heard the melody in my spirit. So sweet. So tender. With every breath I took, He’d say, “I love you.”

One of the angels came directly at me. He touched my head and I faded into unconsciousness. When I woke up, I lay behind the school Chapel, curled into a ball. My face was damp with tears. I’d never felt so completely cherished. I wanted to return, to be with Him.

I had an encounter! It felt so surreal, yet so real. So where should I go from here? “Pray,” my spirit said. “Speak.” I began to speak into the atmosphere, to address the powers that be and possess the territory for Jesus.

I did this with all my heart, out of my love for Him. No wonder the angels worshipped Him so. If you’d ever met Him, there was no way you wouldn’t love Him. Your worship would flow automatically, as a response to the love He poured into you for no fathomable reason. He just loves you, period. I prayed more when brethren came to mind. Imagine Jesus overtaking this place and lavishing such love on everything that existed within this atmosphere? Hah!

I let the Holy Spirit pray through me. When I was done, I headed back to the hostel, almost floating on air. Jesus! I could vividly remember the music, the melody, the joy, the love. I was literally screaming in my head.

Oh, I’d never doubt His love for me again. It was so palpable and so deep I thought I’d drown in it. Why exactly did He love humans this much though? With all our sins and wickedness. With Him, nothing ever made sense. I didn’t understand why. We didn’t deserve it.

“God is Love,” my spirit responded. “Even when we sinned, He came to reclaim us by dying for us. He just couldn’t bear seeing us suffer the consequences of sin. He had to come and snatch us back. He’s just like that.”

My heart broke as I imagined how hurt He must be when people rejected Him. I imagined Him eagerly waiting and hoping we accept His love. The tears flowed again. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, my chest squeezing at the thought of things I might have done to hurt Him. Someone who adored me like this. “I’m sorry, my love,” I wailed.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I called Bro Will, but his number was switched off. I took a pen and recorded the encounter in my prayer journal, before going to bed. I lay awake for a long time, reliving the experience and crying. How didn’t I know there was someone who loves me in such a manner? So fiercely, without restraint. It was too much.

Early the next morning, I sent Bro Will a quick text message while I prepared for lecture.

He didn’t reply till later in the day. I was going to buy food when my phone chimed. “Hey, do you mind if we meet? Just few minutes so you can go study.”

“Yes sir,” I typed. “5pm, if that’s okay with you.”

“Alright. Chapel,” he responded.

I hurried to the chapel by 5pm, trying not to run. I couldn’t contain my excitement. He sat on the steps beside the church building, reading something on his phone. He looked up and grinned when he saw me. I responded with a smile.

I sat as far from him as possible. My reason was my personal business. One of the things I appreciated about him though, was how he kept his hands to himself. He didn’t go about touching your face and everywhere casually, the way some brothers normally did.

“So, how was it,” he asked, putting down his phone on the step beside him.

“Indescribable,” I began. “He was so excited by my presence, as if He couldn’t take His eyes off me.” My eyes moistened and grew wide with wonder.

“I felt both unworthy and immensely loved. I didn’t want to come back, but they brought me back,” I whined.

He was laughing. “You see, discipline from a spiritual perspective, is the ability to leave the presence of God so that you can attend to your life. Naturally, you will never want to leave.”

“True. Thank you sir,” I said. “You gave me something priceless. This means everything to me.”

He didn’t speak for a while. When he spoke again, his voice was soft. “God delights in us so much. We don’t even know how much He loves us. That was why Paul prayed that we’d comprehend the height and depth of God’s love for us. Because if we do, kai. Our lives would never remain the same. He keeps calling us. He wants us to be with Him. He loves having us with Him.”

“Exactly,” I said, drying a trickle of tears. “That was why He left heaven to come for us. So that we’d be with Him. He didn’t want heaven without us.”

“True,” William said. We sat silently for a while, each person lost in awe of the Father’s love for us. “Do you remember how you got your hunger for God?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Please tell me about it.”

“It all started when I broke up with the guy I thought I would marry,” I began.

To be continued…

“I love you so much. Always have. Always will.”


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