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After several hours of studying, my brain was no longer cooperating. A headache was radiating from my temple. I needed a break.

I also needed to pour out my heart to God. I was angry in my spirit. I strode towards the school Chapel, trying to put some smile on my troubled face. The back of the building was where I usually came to legislate serious matters in zion.

I had barely stepped into its shadows before bursting into tongues. I prayed like that for about an hour, until some of the heat in my spirit had dissipated. Then I began to address the principalities in charge of the territory.

It was a shame that with the number of fellowships within the school, revival was yet to break out. What exactly was the essence of the numerous campus fellowships, when people left the same way they came?

Even brethren were caught up in the regular rituals that never seemed to press towards apprehending depths in God. I was hungry for something more. I was tired of being a normal sister.

“Holy ghost don’t let me be normal o!” Lawrence Oyor chanted from my headphone.

I raised my voice, putting both hands on my head. “Ahhhhh! Holy ghost I am tired of being normal. Allow my head to touch.” I burst into another session of tongues.

I was so burdened, as if several bags of cement were put on my heart. I bowed as I groaned and groaned. Burdens were simply too heavy for one person sometimes. I needed to share them with brethren.

While I was still bent over on all fours, I felt someone place a cool palm on my back and begin to pray in capital letters. I allowed the person.

Might be one of the fellowship brethren. They came here for night vigil sometimes. Peace began its descent on my heart, like a feathery breeze, as if the person was lifting some of the burden.

After we’d prayed for about thirty minutes, the person helped me to a sitting position. It was dark and my eyes were closed. I’d speak with the person tomorrow. Right then, I just needed to sit quietly in the presence of God and wait on Him.

“Revival is a product of burden,” the person began.

My eyes flew open. “Bro. William?”

He didn’t respond. “God does not need a crowd of believers who have chosen to remain babes. Just one believer who yields unto alignment, is enough to turn a territory upside-down.”

It was William, the brother who told me he had prayed his wife into alignment. I wondered what he’d come to find here. Who told him I was here? Maybe he’d come to pray as well.

I nodded in agreement with his words, wishing he didn’t come at all and wishing he wouldn’t leave. Dilemma. He was so weird and appeared at odd times, like a spirit or something.

“Listen. God does not have favourites. The people who have apprehended God were able to do so because, they yielded themselves unto alignment. Alignment begins with purity,” he continued.

I relaxed against the cool wall of the teens church building, already keying into the ministration that seemed to pour from him spontaneously, like a river overflowing its banks. So much for not wanting him to be there.

“Purity means, maintaining a complete focus on God. It means yielding every aspect of our lives to God totally and until that happens, we cannot be aligned.” He paused, as if to let his words sink.

“Mary, I have prayed that God will align you. However, you must continue to service your burdens if you must experience encounters which will equip you for service and ministry. Do you understand?”

I wish I did. I appreciated his praying for me anyway and I had a lot of questions, but I was uncomfortable sitting behind the church building with him, in the dark. So, I nodded. Anything to make him go away. Or stay. I wasn’t sure.

“Good. I want to pray for you right now. I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable, but I really don’t know how else to go about this.”

“Alright,” I said, pulling myself into a kneeling position.

“No, you don’t have to kneel. You can just sit. After I pray for you, you may be slain under the anointing. You will experience some new encounters. I won’t be here when you wake up. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” I said. Slain? I’d only heard stories of such experiences. Did they really happen?

He stretched forth his right hand and laid it on my head. For about 5 minutes, we stayed that way, in silence. Nobody spoke. I waited.

“Yes, Father. I’m ready. We are ready to take territories for you. Open the portals of encounters to your daughter. Equip her for ministry. I ask for an impartation of spiritual gifts right now. In Jesus name. Amen.”

He got up and walked away.

For a split second, I wondered why he said ‘we’. I laughed at myself. He was a believer and it was understandable that he should also pray for himself.

I wanted to say thank you and wave him goodbye at least, but I couldn’t move. I felt drunk. Joy filled my belly and spontaneously spilled into laughter. I couldn’t contain it. Then, the trembling began. I shook vigorously for over fifteen minutes, before I fell into a trance.

To be continued…

Revival is a product of burden

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