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“I’m not asking you this as William’s guardian, but as a beloved sister in Christ. Do you truly want to take this journey with him? Do you doubt your conviction sometimes?”

I sat in Uncle David’s sitting room, with his wife, Uche. They were William’s guardians and parents in the Lord. A teenage girl came in and greeted. Then, she proceeded to serve me a bottle of chilled malt and grilled chicken. She was a carbon copy of Aunty Uche.

“Thank you dear,” I said to the girl. “I’m Mary. And you?”

She smiled. “I’m Ifeoma.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

She smiled again. And such a beautiful smile she had. “Same here, aunty.” She put a bottle of water beside the soft drink and left the room.

I turned to Aunty Uche. “Did William tell you what led up to our relationship?”

“He did. However, I want to know that personally, you believe in his calling. I just want to hear your own side of the story.”

I chewed a piece of the chicken. “Honestly, Aunty, sometimes I do wonder what I’d bargained for. William has a heavy unction upon him and the attacks that come with that are quite numerous. I’ve been identified as his, so it’s extended to me too. I feel honoured that God chose me to do this work with Him, though I could use a break sometimes. I really don’t know why they’re employing every weapon in their arsenal to bring us down.”

“Mary. Do you know what happened when Jesus was about to launch His ministry?”

“There’s no doubt you’re William’s guardian. This sounds exactly like him.”

Aunty Uche laughed.

“Yes ma. He was led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.”

“Exactly. Consider this your own wilderness experience. It happens to every believer. For some, it’s in their marriage. However, these things must always come in one form or the other. Gird your loins and fight back.”

“God helps me ma. I must commend the amount of work you invested in raising that young man. Never have I met anyone so sensitive, conscientious, kind, you name it. I’m so blessed to have him.”

Uncle David walked in just then.

“Good morning sir,” I greeted, rising from my seat.

“Mary. It’s so good to finally see William’s Mary. He won’t stop talking about you. Please sit.”

My cheeks heated up with a blush. “Thank you sir.”

“Where is William?” he asked Aunty Uche.

“Amarokwa m. He has disappeared into the thin air. As usual.”

Uncle David hooted with laughter. “That boy is unbelievable. He’s probably hiding around. Is this how he’s going to do his wedding? Nne, how in the world did he even approach you, with this his shyness?”

“William? Shy?” I was sincerely flabbergasted. “He didn’t appear shy at all. In fact, his boldness was topnotch.”

“Amazing,” Uncle David interpolated. “William grew up avoiding women. He couldn’t even look a woman in the face. He had the SS genotype. He must have told you that.”

I nodded.

“Nobody wanted the cross. Once they discovered it, they’d disappear. It affected his self esteem and his insecurities grew. He became shy and uncomfortable around women. It took a lot of work to change that. God is faithful. I take it that Uche has asked you a million questions already.”

I laughed. “And I enjoyed every bit of it.”

“Please call William,” he said to Aunty Uche. “Dial his number.”

William surfaced from nowhere and stepped into the parlour. “I’m here.”

“Oh, okay,” Uncle David said. “Nothing surprises me about you again. Nne, how do you cope with the way he appears and disappears like a spirit?”

William’s lips twitched with a suppressed grin. He proceeded to sit on a cushion next to me.

“It was the first thing I had to get used to. Way before he even proposed, he’d just appear where I was praying and pray for me. Then when the relationship started, he’d sometimes drop off something I needed, without my asking him or, give me an encouraging word concerning an issue I didn’t even tell him about. It was creepy at first, then I got used to it.”

“He came to pray for you before he proposed?”

“Yes sir. Discovering he was also in the ministry of intercession, was one of the things that strengthened my conviction about him. I was already interceding for my campus and certain patients as I was led. I was equally trusting God for gifts of the spirit that would make intercession easier.

“William appeared one random day and prayed for an impartation of spiritual gifts. Since then, I began to have encounters with the unseen realm and my ministry was a lot easier. I equally saw a vision of an angel telling me how we were already paired in the spirit. That was how the whole thing started.”

“Wow. It’s good to hear from your angle,” Uncle David said. “Ministerial compatibility is supposed to precede every other form of compatibility. We primarily marry, first for kingdom and everything else will be added to it.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Alright. Yesterday, I had a terrible dream about both of you,” Uncle David began. “I saw you, Mary. You appeared angry with someone about something. You became bitter and began to entertain a lot of thoughts as to how to deal with the person.”

My eyes were round as I listened to Uncle David describe the same thing I saw in my vision. So, that was me?

“Then I saw you beginning to entertain certain videos that were not appropriate in order to douse the anxiety of having to carry unforgiveness in your heart. I can’t see the content of the video, but you were dressed in white and I could see big black blotches appearing on the white.”

Everywhere was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

“Next thing I saw, you were…” He paused.

“I was what?” I prompted, my breath hitching in my throat.

“Well, you seemed to be masturbating.”

I shook my head, disbelief written all over it. My round eyes were now as big as saucers. That definitely couldn’t be me. “I don’t masturbate.”

“I know dear. I’m just telling you my dream.”

“And then I saw you, William. You were with her and somehow, the lust that has found its way into her heart began to penetrate yours too slowly. It started with your conversations. I could see you guys discussing and maggots were coming from your mouths.”

William’s head turned sharply towards his direction, his face twisting with disgust at the imagery. Mary’s hands flew to her mouth as if the maggots were already there.

“Then I saw you kissing her.”

“I’ve never kissed her,” William said immediately.

“I know. Please you guys should relax. I’m only narrating a dream. And in that dream, I was calling your name and telling you to stop, but you were too carried away. I saw the angels at your gate begining to reduce and demons were advancing to force the gate open. Then I woke up.”

Nobody spoke. The silence was heavy.

To be continued…

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