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“Nne, I honestly don’t know where to start apologising from. First, I’m sorry for ghosting you the way I did. I should have reached out sooner.”

“It’s okay. I understand.”

“I’m also sorry for withdrawing from you the way I did, that night. When you made that sound, it rang in my spirit like a warning siren. I needed to get away quickly. If I’d stayed, I’d have probably done something we’d both regret.”

“Thank you for sticking with the plan. We cannot be emotionally high at the same time,” I said evenly.

Lust was definitely hanging around that night, the way it always did when an unmarried couple were together. I’m sure he had tried to utilize that opportunity to manipulate us and it was all my fault for violating my consecration.

“And I’m sorry for… Putting you in that position. I have no excuse for letting that happen.”

“It’s fine. Now, we know we shouldn’t try hugging again. I was even wondering if there’s a way we can fast track the wedding or something.”

“Is that what you really want? You’ve always mentioned that you want to graduate before marriage. Then again, we’ve not even registered for the compulsory pre-marriage classes, which should last for 6 months in our church. I also need to complete my Master’s degree program. A lot of things still need to be done.”

I sighed wearily. “I’m losing it, Will. I catch myself fantasizing about you and all that.” My face burned with embarrassment at the confession. I stared right ahead to avoid looking at him.

His voice was filled with compassion when he spoke. “I’m sorry. Can you give us a year and half at least? I promise we’ll wed by then. How is that?”

That’s too much time for a lot of things to go wrong! Dear Lord, I just wanted to get this relationship over and done with.

“I’m really not in a hurry. I just need to bring my emotions under control. I think I can do that,” I said, against my revolting thoughts.

“Yeah, I think so too. We’ll help each other. So, tell me, how has 4th mb class been treating you?” he asked, changing the topic.

“Honestly ehn, I have just concluded that no class is easy in medical school. We only get stronger.”

“You have all the grace you need,” he said. “You people are trying in that your medicine o. My father in the Lord wanted me to go for it, but I was too techie to even consider it. Eventually, he allowed me to go ahead with computer science.”

“So, Uncle David actually wanted to separate you from computers? You that I’ve already decided that I’m your side chick and your system is your main babe.”

“Chai, Mary it’s not like that now. You know I can give a thousand computers for you.”

“Just a thousand?” I asked, slanting him an amused glance.

“Ten million computers.”

I burst into laughter.

He chuckled. “I mean every word.”

“I know.” I cleared my throat. “I was going to mention something to you about that night.”


“I’m kind of umm, susceptible to touch. Like, you can tell me all the sweet words in the world and I’d be able to contain them. However, the moment you hold me, I’ve lost it.”


I wound the edge of my hanky around my pinkie. “So, knowing I’m this way, I was wrong to have hugged you that night. I’m sorry.”

He didn’t speak for a while. That evening, we strolled along the quiet streets of GRA. We decided we’d be going there twice a week, to talk and pray. You could only hear the birds chirping and the occasional bark of a dog. Fountains rose from the front of the buildings to water the rose bushes nearby. I inhaled the crispy clean, scented air.

“Nne, thank you for telling me. I’m sorry for not discerning this. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you after that night.”

“Hian. Ibiakwa. My dear, it was mine to tell. You’re a man of God, but a lot of times, God requires us to take responsibility. I should have told you and I didn’t. It wasn’t your fault at all.”

“It’s well. Now, let’s not make it sound like I’m the tree and you’re the human. I wanted it too. Every bit of it.”

“You did? Why do I find it difficult to believe this? Sometimes, you do seem like a tree. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re strong.”

“Mary, if I tell you the amount of self control and discipline it takes to do certain things, you may not believe me. Through training, I learnt how to do what is needful and not necessarily what I want; how to die daily and let Christ live through my body, my emotions, my mind, everything. Dying isn’t a sweet process, but its rewards are bountiful.”

“True sir.”

I wondered if this was the right time to talk about Chika so she’d leave my head, then I decided against it. I felt it was better to just watch and pray first, before bringing that up. I had no intention of unnecessarily stirring a hornet’s nest.

“Let’s pray. I’m sorry we may have to hold hands here,” he said, not looking sorry at all. We didn’t need to hold hands to pray effectively, but I loved how he wanted to hold my hand and I wanted that too.

“I don’t have issues with holding hands. That’s about the most I can do. My problem begins with hugging or petting. I know people who have issues with holding hands and they appear too strict when they insist they won’t hold hands.

“Mine has always been hugs. I’ve had to warn brothers severely, never to greet me with a hug. For me, it’s not a form of greeting. It feels like sharing my body or something. I even got tired of explaining myself.”

“Your consecrations do not have to make sense to anyone. It’s strictly between you and God. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.”


His hand clasped mine. I squeezed lightly. He squeezed back. A silent way of saying, I’ve got you. He began to chant. I joined him.

We’d chanted for long when the portals began to open. I stood before the gates labelled WM. The angels and the demons were engaged in a serious fight. What was going on?

Battalions of angels blocked the gate. A hole opened in the ground like a door to somewhere and some demons emerged with things that looked like bombs.

They had built actual bombs and artillery. Was there anything like spiritual bomb? When they threw it, it caused the whole place to quake and threw some angels off balance.

A number of the angels had weapons flying from their mouths with the speed of light, in form of swords that entirely paralysed any demon it hit. The unclean spirit would just drop, twisted in an awkward angle and pleading desperately.

Some of the angels radiated an aura that formed an invisible wall where the bombs would bounce off and go right back to hit the demons. I could see that the demons were having trouble deciding which direction to shoot, because they couldn’t see the walls.

How exactly did demons have bombs? I heard my spirit say that the fallen angels which came to marry the daughters of men and bear giant nephilims with them, were the ones who taught humans how to create weapons of mass destruction, homosexuality, astrology and all sorts of wickedness.

And yes, the things they taught men were only physical forms of the real things they actually did. Everything in the physical realm has its roots in the spirit.

“How did the Prince of Persia oppose the angel sent to Daniel?” the voice asked.

I shrugged. I had no idea.

“How did Jacob prevail over the angel of the Lord?”

“They fought?” I said.

“That’s what happened with the Prince of Persia and the angel sent to Daniel. They were fighting and the answer to Daniel’s prayers was being delayed, until Archangel Michael came to help him. There is constant warfare between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness, for the sake of men.”

I saw the same creature that appeared to me before, fly right ahead and perch on a tree nearby. On the creature’s chest, I saw his name; Lust. Two creatures landed beside him. Their names were Wrath and Unforgiveness. They were engaged in a heated conversation.

Then I suddenly saw a wide garden fenced on every side. It looked well kept, asides the fact that the owner neglected to remove the thorns sprouting with the tender plants. Wrath was working very quickly, weeding out the plants and watering the thorns! Why was he doing that? He was destroying the garden. Someone had to stop him! I heard someone knocking gently at the gate of that garden.

Wrath stopped suddenly as if waiting for something. His big eyes darted here and there, registering panic. I waited too. I heard a woman’s voice shout at the person knocking, telling the person to get the hell away! How all the person ever did was tell her to forgive people who hurt her and how she would definitely have her revenge thenceforth.

I was taken aback at the venom in the lady’s voice. The knocking stopped. Wrath grinned happily and continued what he was doing, working more swiftly this time. I heard the gate swing open and unforgiveness flew in, carrying a sack labelled oppression.

I snapped out of the vision.

William was still praying. I didn’t want to close my eyes again. I was so unsettled in my spirit. What did the vision mean? Who exactly was it about? Pray! My spirit instructed. I began to pray in the Holy ghost.

To be continued…

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

Galatians 2:20 NKJV

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