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I will tell you about the most intimate moments I’ve had with the most handsome man on earth.

First of all, I don’t get it! How do ladies manage to marry unbelievers!

My wedding day wasn’t one you could call glamorous. It had this taste of ancient grandeur that sat askew with the contemporary wedding ceremonies.

I was excited, expectedly and just a bit nervous. The nerves had nothing to do with uncertainty and everything to do with this mind blowing sense of responsibility. God was about to make me a nation and I earnestly hoped I never disappoint.

I had prepared and prayed for that crucial period of my life. I was to embark on a missionary journey, where the devil would be on all fours, waiting for a chance to strike. I was about to be handed a man with whom I could either fulfil purpose or, destroy the very essence of creation.

The entire lives of some angelic children were about to be committed to me. Amidst the whole boom and flurry of activity, was me whispering the words of prayer earnestly. That I may not fail at the crucial moment. That I may be found worthy of this calling, without fault or blame. That this mission may be to His glory. I invested more prayers for my spouse.

I’d had a girls night out with my friends the previous day. What a night it was. It started with fasting and ended with worship. Those girls were wonderful. They formed a ring around me and spoke into my marriage for hours. Each person brought a word of admonition from the scriptures and the heated worship, shook the very ground. That was our own Christian innovation for bridal shower.

My makeup artist was adding finishing touches, when my phone rang. It was Uche, my husband to be. Some wayward butterflies made their way into my belly. I picked.


I smiled so widely, I thought my lips might snap.

“Uche,” I murmured, hoping my voice didn’t carry the breathlessness I felt.

“I want to pray with you,” he said softly, his voice a little a trembly. He cleared his throat.

“Okay,” I whispered, closing my eyes.

We were already done, when my Mom came to drag me out. Ah. Moms can be quite some handful on wedding days. She had already given me a complete lecture on what was expected of a wife. I earnestly hoped she wouldn’t start again.

I don’t know. Perhaps the wedding service was just normal or so I thought. Many people didn’t come for the wedding service. We intended to make a special, romantic presentation at the reception. One of those intimate moments with the man I love.

We were both shocked at the turn up for the reception. Everyone who didn’t come to the wedding service were there, waiting. Wonderful.

It was finally time to sing. Ah. Time to confess love in a deeper level than any ordinary couple could do. All my old friends at school were there, colleagues at work, Uche’s acquaintances, my family friends. Everywhere was full! This presentation would be special.

Uche stepped out first and bowed, eliciting a cheer from everyone. He kissed me gently on the lips, causing more cheers and awwns here and there. He offered his hand which I took as we moved to the stage. We were offered microphones and we dramatically separated, each to an entrance.

I looked at their expectant faces. Everyone knew My voice was to die for. Some might be hoping I didn’t make some men to start crushing on me because of my angelic voice. Did I mention that one of the things I shared with Uche, was a beautiful voice? It would be a spectacular performance.

“Before the throne…

Is where we come…

To offer praise… And seek wisdom…

You have torn the veil…”

Uche’s beautiful voice echoed, to the stunned silence. Then a wave of murmurs swept over the whole place.

I wondered what they had expected. An Adele classic? Some Olamide rap? Maybe, something pretty from Taylor Swift. It was true that we confessed our love in the Church. That was our love for each other. How about we confess our love for a Being reining somewhere beyond the skies. The one whose word alone made the firmament. Jehovah who mounted the heavens without pillars. The only God whose name is to be exalted in every occasion even, this.

The murmurs died down as I joined him in worship. He came close and closed his hand over mine. This was a very intimate moment. Worshipping the Master Himself, together. Lifting His name before all and sundry.

“So we bow, as we enter… The throne room

And we cast ourselves down… At your feet.”

Some people were joining in the worship.

“We cry Holy! Thou art Holy!

There is none like you…

In your presence is where we must be!”

The worship session soon escalated into tongue talking. The whole place was vibrating. Uche was tonguing it and I was worshipping. Hah! The atmosphere was on fire. Brethren, some people began to prophesy. Some gave their lives to Christ. Many received the Holy Spirit. Many went home healed from infirmities. Many brought a small gift and took a thousand home.

My wedding was a heated worship session. For some reason, Uche and I never felt even awkward. In fact we talk about it till date. It was one of our most significant exploits in ministry. Our worship wedding. Everyday we live out Christ in our family, we are overjoyed that we laid the proper foundation.


It was unconventional!

It was fun!

It was purposeful!

It was glorious!

Our worship wedding!

Adaeze Rosemary Possible

I'm a young woman who is set to redefine contemporary romance using sound biblical truths, Holy Ghost inspirations and a powerful storytelling expertise. I specialize in everything literature.