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“You know, I don’t understand you sometimes. In fact, I’ve never understood you. Don’t I go to church too? You make it sound like I’m the devil’s first born. Christians don’t do this, Christians don’t do that. Am I not a Christian?” Eric vituperated, throwing the damn money on the bed. He grabbed his boots and started wearing them.

Andra took a deep breathe and tried to calm down herself. That was another problem with Eric- his explosive temper. She thought of the best way to gently answer him without adding fuel to fire.

“Eric, I really don’t know what to say.”

“Very simple. Tell me whether or not you’re ready to pass this exam with other students. You’re not the only Christian. Who the hell cares anyway. People only want results. Results Andra, and nobody questions how you get that!”

“I care and Jesus cares. Look Eric, it’s just so wrong. Paying money to pass an exam?”

Eric stopped to stare at her like she’d grown a second head. How could anyone be so naive?

“Andra, you’re very funny. Which university is that where some lecturers don’t demand for money to pass students? Why does your own always have to be different? Will this your Jesus be happy if you fail?”

Andra shrugged. “He won’t, naturally. But if he allows it, then he has better plans.”

Eric suddenly got tired. “And that’s also why you won’t let me touch you, right? Jesus?” He guffawed. “I don’t know if your definition of Christianity means missing out on every good thing. I’m a Christian too and all this your fanatism is beyond me. I’ve already told you we will marry. I mean, what’s the difference?”

“Till then,” Andra said, standing up to leave.

Eric moved fast. Soon, she was pinned to the sofa. He took her mouth brutally, arousing Her with erotic touches. Andra was shocked for a second, then tried to push him away. He rendered her immobile. It dawned on her, what he was up to. She gave him a firm shove and wrestled herself away from him.

“The hell Andra? It’s not even sex and I can’t touch you either. What’s the whole point in this relationship? We’ve been together for 8 months and all I get is some sermon and hand clasps. I’m a man, Andra! A man!”

Andra was still breathing hard from the struggle. “Don’t you understand? What’s so difficult to understand about it? We may not be having sex but if we should touch each other like you want, we will do it someday. Those erotic touches are unclean, defilement. We don’t need sex to be defiled. Jesus even said, a man who looks at a woman lustfully, has committed sin in his heart.”

“Andra, I said we’ll get married someday. Didn’t I tell you that? What’s the difference? Everyday, I want you, but no, you’re female Jesus. You think I’m a stone? Maybe you’re getting it elsewhere and I’m the one suffering.”

Andra chuckled with bewilderment. She grabbed her bag again. “God knows I have never given myself to a man.”

“And you expect me to believe that? Sure you’re not even one of these lesbians that are everywhere? You love me up and down, still you can’t prove it. What now makes me different from every other guy out there? I would have preferred I were single,  instead of spending my money for nothing.”

He hissed and started buttoning his shirt. Andra couldn’t believe her ears. So, he spent his money on her for what? Sex? Did she look like some prostitute? Someone that could be bought over with money? Then that was it! She wasn’t taking a dime from him ever again!

The only way he intended her to clear these accusations was through sex? Prove to him that she was a virgin? Make him happy? And displease Christ? Assuming the trumpet sounded at that moment, both of them were heading to hell. It wasn’t worth it.

“Eric, I’m going. I will never let you touch me until that wedding night. All these your accusations won’t change a thing, so do better. I don’t know why you are like this. Do you have to be like other men? Can’t you be different? Will we die if we wait? If indeed you intend to marry me, where are we rushing to?”

She huffed in annoyance. “I even find it utterly insulting that you would say such things to me. What sort of relationship do we have without trust in it? If you can’t trust me, how can you claim to love me? If you can’t respect my wishes now, is it when we now get married that you’ll start doing that?”

He pushed her out of the way and marched to the door. Some girls were so stupid and pretentious. She ran to him and stopped him.

“If you keep walking out, we will never settle any issue. How about we sit down and talk this through?”

Eric was getting impatient. “I have nothing else to tell you. You’ve been going on like this. I don’t know for how long I’ll have to put up with it. Just check it. I don’t know if you’re my fiancee or my sister again. Please get out of my way.”

“No,” she said simply. “Let’s talk this through.”

He gave her a brain resetting slap. Andra was stunned and confused for a full minute before she understood what happened. By then, he was gone. She collapsed on her seat and burst into tears.

He was supposed to be her comfort. Why was he a problem? He promised he wouldn’t touch her. Even his touches were strangely annoying. They were harsh, demanding, selfish; not the tender affection she craved, and that repelled her.


“You failed? Oh, I’m so shocked. You’re very stupid.” Eric took another sip of his malt. “You know what? I’m sick of this relationship, sick of you and sick of your problems.”

He gulped down the remainder of the malt. “I tried to love you, but you wouldn’t let me. I’m breaking up with you now. You’ll do well to not dial my number again, for your own good.”

He hung up before she could muster enough words to respond.

To be continued…

Adaeze Rosemary Possible

I'm a young woman who is set to redefine contemporary romance using sound biblical truths, Holy Ghost inspirations and a powerful storytelling expertise. I specialize in everything literature.